Chief Sign or Symptom Probable Pest or Disease Described Under
Leaves with encrustations, shells
White, thin, on euonymus, pachy- Euonymus Scale Scale Insects
sandra. (Fig. 51C)  
White, pear-shaped, on needles. Pine Needle Scale  
  (Fig. 51A)  
Small, white, on needles. Juniper Scale (Fig.  
Small, reddish brown, circular. Florida Red Scale  
  (Fig. 50B)  
White wefts on underside of Tea Scale (Fig. 50A)  
leaves, upper surface yellow,
camellia, holly (Chinese).
Leaves with pustules
Orange or reddish spore pustules Hollyhock Rust Rusts
on underside leaf, upper sur- (Fig. 45B)  
face with yellow areas; some- Cedar-apple Rust  
times black pustules late in (Fig. 46)  
season. Blackberry, Bean,  
  Rose, Asparagus  
Chocolate brown pustules. Snapdragon Rust  
  (Fig. 45A)  
Coating on surface of leaf
White weft or felty tangles, leaves Rose Mildew (Fig. Powdery
sometimes faintly blistered or 42A) Mildews
curled. Phlox Mildew (Fig.  
  Euonymus Mildew  
  (Fig. 42D) others  
Dense black coating, growing in Sooty Mold (Figs. Sooty Mold
insect honeydew. 51D, 64)  
Leaves with dead areas
Small, depressed circles, tan on Four-lined Plant Bug Bugs
chrysanthemum, forsythia, etc., (Fig. 19A)  
black on mint.