Chief Sign or Symptom Probable Pest or Disease Described Under
Chrysanthemum leaves with brown, wedge-shaped areas, dy- ing up the stem. Chrysanthemum Leaf Nematode (Fig. 41B) Nematodes
Dark areas along veins Bean Anthracnose (Fig. iA) Sycamore (Fig. iB) Anthracnose
Small spots with light centers, reddish, often raised margins. Spot Anthracnose Rose (Fig. 2A) Dogwood (Fig. 2B) Anthracnose
Black spots with feathery margins. Rose Black Spot (Fig- 34A) Leaf Spots
Black spots with feathery margins. Apple Scab (Fig. 49A) Scab
Black tarry spot. Delphinium Black Spot Leaf Spots
Spots with definite margins, brown, tan, or gray, black dots in center. Fungus Leaf Spots Mountain-laurel (Fig. 34B) many others Leaf Spots
Lily Botrytis Bligh
(Fig- 13C)
Tulip Botrytis Blight
(Fig. 13B)" Blights  
Hawthorn leaves with small, dark red spots; premature defolia- tion. Hawthorn Leaf Blight Blights
Leaves with water-soaked spots. Bacterial Blights or Leaf Spots Blights
Leaves with indefinite brown areas, with black dots of fungus fruiting bodies. Leaf Blight, Blotch Blights or Leaf Spots
Leaves with brown areas, no fruit- ing bodies, or light scalded areas, scorch. Sunburn, Windburn, Heat Weather