Chief Sign or Symptom Probable Pest or Disease Described Under
Fruit wormy Worms bore to center of apple, masses of brown frass. Codling Moth Moths
Brown tunnels in apples. Apple Maggot Maggots
White grubs in flesh of peach
plum, cherry, apple; crescent
slits in fruit." Plum Curculio (Fig. 26) Curculios
Creamy caterpillars in peaches. Oriental Fruit Moth Moths
Maggots in cherries. Cherry Fruit Fly Flies
Berries webbed together. Grape Berry Moth Moths
Fruit knobby, deformed. Apple Redbug Bugs
Fruit eaten by beetles. Japanese Beetles Beetles
Fruits on ground eaten by ""worms."" Millipedes (Fig. 66B) Millipedes
Pods or fruit with dark, sunken spots. Bean Anthracnose (Fig. 1A) Melon Anthracnose Anthracnose
Stone fruits with soft rot, powdery spore pustules; mummifying. Brown Rot (Fig 44A) Rots
Berries black, shriveled. Black Rot of Grapes Rots
Tomatoes dark at blossom end. Blossom-end Rot (Fig. 60D) Weather
Tomatoes with large, dark spots. Late Blight Blights
Berries with soft rot, gray mold. Botrytis Blight Blights
Fruit with dark or scabby spots. Apple Scab (Fig. 49A) Pecan, Pear, Pyracan- tha, Scab Scab
Apples with clusters of minute ""cups"" at stem end. Cedar-apple Rust Rusts
Corn ears wormy at tip. Corn Earworm Caterpillars
Corn ears wormy at base. European Corn Borer Borers
Corn ears with large smutty boils. Corn Smut (Fig. 53) Smuts