Chief Sign or Symptom Probable Pest or Disease Described Under
Upper branches of birch brown, bur- rows in bark. Bronze Birch Borer Borers
Trees in poor vigor after transplant- ing. Flatheaded Apple Tree Borer (Fig. 15A) Borers
Dahlias and other herbaceous plants wilting. European Corn Borer Stalk Borer Borers
Cucurbit vines wilting; white worm in stem. Squash Vine Borer Borers
Bark gnawed off around branches, usually lilac, in late summer. Giant Hornet (Fig. 59B) Wasps
Woody stems with groups of small splinters. 17-year Locust (Fig. 24) Cicadas
Stems with parenthesis marks. Buffalo Treehopper (Fig. 56B) Treehoppers
Encrustations on barkGray,
white, on euonymus, bittersweet
, pachysandra.Brown,
White circles on stems.
White cottony masses
underbrown shell.
Oystershell Scale(Fig. 50E)
Euonymus Scale(Fig. 51C)
Tuliptree Scale (Fig.51D)
Peony Scale (Fig.
Scale(Fig. 50C)
Cottony Maple Scale
White fluff on pine bark. White fluff on apple branches. Pine Bark Aphid (Fig. 5B) Woolly Aphids Aphids
Frothy masses on stems. Spittlebugs (Fig. 56A) Spittlebugs
White cottony wefts on stems in late summer. Lightning Leaf- hoppers Mealy Flata
Oval, white waxy insects clustered at branch axils on yew, catalpa, on house plants, outdoor plants in South. Taxus Mealybug, Comstock Mealy- bug Greenhouse, Citrus Mealybugs (Fig. 36) Mealybugs