If little dots or clusters of yellow show up on your otherwise green plants, then you may have unwelcome visitors - mites. Mites look like little tiny specks of color - yellow, red, or green. They are related to the spider, having eight legs.

Because the yellowing of leaves is a common problem, you'll want to test to see if mites are the culprit. To do this, hold a piece of white paper beneath the stipled leaves, then shake the stem. If you do indeed have mites, some will fall onto the paper, appearing as moving specks. Some mites will leave webbing on the underside of leaves.

If mites invade a small plant, try spraying it with water - or water with insecticidal soap - to get rid of the mites. Mites are attracted to dusty leaves, so keep leaves clean. They also prefer plants affected by drought conditions.

Other alternatives to get rid of mites include summer horticultural oils and sulfur.