Dictionary of Pesticides

BORDEAUX MIXTURE. A copper fungicide not so popular as it used to be but still preferred for certain diseases. It may cause stunting and defoliation, especially used in cool, cloudy weather. It can be purchased as a blue powder ready to be mixed with water at time of use (for orna mentals use half the amount designated on the label) or made at home.
For 4-4-100 strength dissolve 2 ounces copper sulfate in 1 gallon water and 2 ounces hydrated lime in 2 gallons water. Pour the copper solution into the lime, strain into tank through cheesecloth.

BORDEAUX PAINT. Stir raw linseed oil into dry bordeaux powder until it is of paintable consistency; use as a tree-wound dressing after prun ing, especially when cutting out fire blight.

Bor-tox (Andrew Wilson, Inc., Springfield, N.J.). Lindane paste with applicator for injecting into trees to kill borers.

Bug-Geta Pellets (calcium arsenate 5%, metaldehyde 2%, California Spray Chemical Corp., Richmond, Cal.). A bait for slugs in con venient pellet form.

Cadtninate (cadmium succinate, Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, St. Louis, Mo.). For control of turf diseases, especially dollar spot.

Calo-clor (mercuric chloride and calomel, mercurous chloride, Mallinck rodt Chemical Works). For control of brown patch in lawns.

CALCIUM ARSENATE. Sometimes used on vegetable crops in place of lead arsenate; used in some baits. In home gardens it is more often used as a dust mixed with 3 times, by weight, as much lime.

CALOMEL (mercurous chloride). Used for treating celery seed, 1 ounce to 1 gallon of water and for cabbage and other root maggots, r or 2 ounces in 5 gallons water, and applied along the row, or as a dust, mixed with 3 parts cornstarch, for dusting seedlings before setting.

CAPTAN (N-trichloromethylthio tetrahydrophthalimide). This is the new coined name of the promising new fungicide that has been tested as SR 406 and Orthocide 406. It controls rose black spot (but not mildew) and many fruit and vegetable diseases.

CARBAMATES. Organic sulfur compounds, derivatives of diothiocarbamic acid, ferbam, nabam, zineb, ziran.

CARBON DISULFIDE. A soil fumigant to prevent spread of Armillaria root rot, 13/5 ounces injected in holes 18 inches apart in staggered rows. Also used to kill borers in trees by squirting it into openings in bark from a machine-oil can, plugging hole with putty, or into digger-wasp burrows.

Carco-X (creosote 65%, gamma BHC 0.5%, Getzum Products, Sumner, Wash.). Soil fumigant and contact insecticide sold for control of cabbage maggot, carrot rust fly, weevils, etc.

CHLORANIL (tetrachloro-para-benzoquinone). For seed treatment, sold as Spergon.

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