Dictionary of Pesticides

Dithane Z-78 (zineb, zinc ethylene bisdithiocarbamate). A wettable pow der easier to use than D-14 (no other ingredients needed) and about as effective although giving slightly more conspicuous residue. For azalea flower blight use 1 tablespoon to a gallon of water and spray 3 times a week, starting when midseason varieties are coming into bloom.

This also controls downy mildew of cucurbits, rose black spot, and re duces fire blight when sprayed on fruits at 10% bloom and at full bloom stage.

DN sprays and dusts (Dinitro compounds, Dow Chemical Co., Mid land, Mich.).

DORMANT SPRAY. One applied while plants are in dormant or winter con dition but preferably just before buds break. A delayed dormant spray is used for fruit trees from the time buds are silvery until green tips are "size of squirrels' ears." Miscible oils, lime-sulfur, or dinitro com pounds are used for dormant sprays.

D & P Fruit Spray (DDT, rotenone, ziram, and sulfur, Doggett-Pfeil Co., Springfield, N.J.). A combination spray for backyard fruit trees.

DREFT. Household detergent used as a spreader, 1 teaspoon to 3 gallons. Du Pont Floral Dust (methoxychlor, ferbam, sulfur 26%, rotenone, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, Del.). There is not enough sulfur to control rose mildew, and special sprays will be required for aphids and mites, otherwise it controls most enemies.

Du Pont Fruit Tree Spray (methoxychlor, ferbam, sulfur). Should con trol apple scab, brown rot, codling moth and other chewing insects but not aphids.

D-X Aero Spray (aerosol formulation of pyrethrum, rotenone, and pi peronyl cyclonene, B. G. Pratt Co., Hackensack, N.J.). Chemicals are under pressure in a small container useful for treating house plants for aphids, mites, whiteflies, mealybugs, thrips (but don't use on lantana, maidenhair fern, or cyclamen).

D-X Insect Spray. Same as D-X Aero Spray but prepared for regular out door spraying.

Elgetol (sodium dinitro-o-cresolate, Standard Agricultural Chemicals, Inc., 1301 Jefferson St., Hoboken, N.J.). A dormant spray to kill aphid eggs, euonymus scale, and to eradicate apple scab fungus wintering in old leaves on ground.

End-0-Pest Garden Dust (rotenone, phenothiazine, ziram, sulfur 15%, Swift and Company, Chicago, 111.). Controls many rose enemies but not mildew.

EPN 300 (Nitrophenyl thionobenzene-phosphonate, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, Del.). A phosphate miticide, some what less toxic to man than parathion.

ETHYLENE DIBROMIDE. A soil fumigant for nematodes, sold as Garden Dowfume and Soilfume-caps for small garden use.

Evergreen Garden Spray (pyrethrins, mineral and pine oil, alkyl aryl sodium sulfonate, McLaughlin, Gormley, King Co., Minneapolis, Minn.). A pyrethrum spray, quick kill for many sucking and some chewing insects.

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