Dictionary of Pesticides

FERBAM (ferric dimethyl dithiocarbamate). An important fungicide, a black powder formulated as a spray, 11/2 to 2 pounds per 100 gal lons, or as a 7 to 10% dust usually with sulfur as a diluent. It gives excel lent control of cedar-apple rusts, apple and pear scab, most Botrytis blights, some anthracnose and leaf spot diseases, downy mildews, black rot of grapes, rose black spot, etc. It does not control powdery mildews; often spots light-colored flowers.

Fermate, du Pont trade name for ferbam.

FORMALDEHYDE (sold as Formalin, a 40% solution). A soil fumigant effec tive against damping-off fungi but not so good for nematodes. For starting seedlings in flats mix 2% teaspoons with 1 cup of water, sprinkle over 1 bushel of soil, fill flats, wait 24 hours, plant seed, and water well.

For a garden drench (fallow soil only) mix 1 part with 50 parts water and use 2 to 4 quarts for each square foot of soil.

Garden Dowjume (ethylene dibromide, Dow Chemical Company, Mid land, Mich.).

Good-rite z.i.p. (zinc dimethyldithiocarbamate-cyclohexylamine complex, B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co., Cleveland, Ohio). A deer repellent, very distasteful but harmless, for spraying on vegetables, fruit trees, orna mentals where deer are prevalent.

HEPTACHLOR (heptachloro-tetrahydro-methanoidene). Another synthetic chlorinated hydrocarbon, formulated as a dust, wettable powder, or emulsion, promising in control of wireworms, grasshoppers, black vine weevil, greenhouse thrips, springtails and for treating narcissus bulbs to prevent entrance of bulb flies.

Iscothan (dinitro caprylphenyl crotonate, Innis, Speiden & Co., 117 Lib erty St. New York, N.Y.). First released as Arathane, then Kara thane, as a miticide but now used more for control of rose powdery mildew, mostly in greenhouses. Also sold as Mildex.

Isothan Q 15 (isoquinolinium bromide, Onyx Oil & Chemical Co., Jersey City, N.J.). Controls mildew on Coast live oak in California.

Isotox Garden Spray (lindane 5%, California Spray-Chemical Corp., Richmond, Cal.). A liquid for small garden use. See Lindane.

Isotox Wettable 250 (lindane 25%, California Spray-Chemical Corp.). A wettable powder for large-scale operations.

Japidemic (milky disease spore dust, J. A. Ditman, Box 186, Laurel, Md.). For biological control of Japanese beetle grubs.

Jap-Ro-Cide (chlordane, DDT, Andrew Wilson, Inc., Springfield, N.J.). For Japanese beetles.

Japellent (chlordane, DDT, Doggett-Pfeil Co., Springfield, N.J.). For Japanese beetles.

Kapsulate (sodium selenate, Kelly Agricultural Products Co., McKees port, Pa.). Easy to use for control of mites, etc., on African violet.

One capsule is laid on soil of 4-inch pot which is filled with water. One treatment lasts 4 to 6 months.

Karbam Black (ferbam, Sherwin-Williams Co., Cleveland 1, Ohio).

Karbam White (ziram, Sherwin-Williams Co.).

Larvacide (Innis, Speiden & Co., New York, N.Y.). See Chloropicrin.

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