Dictionary of Pesticides

NAPHTHALENE FLAKES. Formerly used to treat gladiolus corms against thrips but now replaced by DDT. Some gardeners try them around bulbs to discourage moles and mice but too much will prevent growth.

New Pomo-Green (DDT, lindane, sulfur 62%, Niagara Chemical Div., Food Machinery & Chemical Corp., Middleport, N.Y.). The old "Massey" dust with DDT and lindane substituted for lead arsenate.

This dust does have enough sulfur to control mildew as well as black spot.

NICOTINE SULFATE. An old and still valuable contact insecticide. See Black Leaf 40.

No-Nib'l. A rabbit repellent about the same chemically as Good-rite z.i.p. for deer.

Orthocide 406 (captan, California Spray-Chemical Corp., Richmond, Cal.).

Orthorix Spray (calcium polysulfides, California Spray-Chemical Corp.).

A sulfur spray used somewhat more on die West Coast for rose mildew and some other diseases.

Ovotran (p-chlorophenyl p-chlorobenzene sulfonate, Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich.). Anodier excellent miticide relatively non-toxic to man; it kills mite eggs, useful for spruce mite on evergreens and in cluded in some combination rose sprays and dusts.

OXYQUINOLINE BENZOATE. Used in chemotherapy for prevention of Dutch elm disease and damping-off of seedlings.

OXYQUINOLINE SULFATE. Another chemotherapeutant promising in control of bacterial wilt and some root and stem rots.

PARADICHLOROBENZENE. A soil fumigant for peachtree borer, applied in ring around tree in fall. Dosage must be exact: 54 ounce for 3-year trees, 3/4 ounce to 6 years, 1 to 11/2 ounces for older trees. The ring is covered with a soil mound.

PARATHION (o-diethyl o-p-nitrophenyl thiosphosphate). An organic phos phate available under many trade names-Thiophos, Vapophos, etc.-as a wettable powder for spraying and in aerosol form, very useful in control of mites, mealybugs, many scale insects (but not soft scale), chrysanthemum leaf nematode, meadow nematodes, and also some chew ing insects but extremely toxic to man. It should not be used without gas mask, natural-rubber gloves, completely protective clothing and so is not adapted for home garden use. Try Malathon instead.

PARIS GREEN. Used as a bait for sowbugs, 1 part to 9 parts sugar, and in some cutworm baits available commercially.

Parzate (Zineb, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, Del.).

Same uses as Dithane Z-78, also recommended for snapdragon rust.

Pestox 3 (octamethyl pyrophosphoramide, Heyden Chemical Co., New York, N.Y.). A systemic insecticide, poisonous to man, mites, and sucking insects but not to most chewing insects. Applied to the soil and taken up by the plant it kills the insects when they come to suck. It is not yet recommended for vegetables because of danger of residual poison, nor for general garden use.

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