Garden Plants and Their Problems

AGAIN we use the alphabet to list some trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, and vegetables rather commonly grown in home gardens; under each is a highly selective list of enemies with suggestions on control. For amplification look back in Chapter II, where you will find all the types but not all the specific pests. In choosing the plants and pests to include in this all-too-brief list, I have tried to give those representative of different parts of the country and those I commonly expect to find in visiting home gardens. There are many other possibilities. Again I refer you to the Gardener's Bug Book and the Plant Disease Handbook as well as to the books given in the Bibliography.

African Violet
Cyclamen mite Leaves puckered, thick, Treat soil with Kapsulate;
  twisted stems. isolate new plants; space
    pots so leaves do not touch.
Broad mite Leaves glassy. Treat soil with Kapsulate;
    isolate new plants; space
    pots so leaves do not touch.
Mealybugs Soft, white cottony bugs. Touch with cotton swab
    dipped in alcohol.
Nematodes Knots in roots, leaves dull, Discard plant and soil.
  flower stalks aborted.  
Petiole rot Stem soft where touches Edge pot with paraffin or
  rim of pot due to accumu- tinfoil.
  lation of salts.  
Cold water Irregular yellow ring spots. Use water at room tem-
Sun Leaf scorch. Avoid exposure to full sun
    after cloudy weather.
Whiteflies Minute, white ""moths,"" Spray or dust with DDT.
  leaves stippled white.  
Ailanthus (Tree-of-Heaven)
Cynthia moth Large green caterpillar de- Spray in June with lead
  vours leaves. arsenate.
Crown rot Plants wilt, turn black; red- Remove diseased plants
  dish tan seedlike bodies on and surrounding soil; treat
  white threads. area with bichloride of
Narcissus bulb Large grub inside rotting Discard bulb; screen plants
fly bulb. put outdoors for summer
    with cheesecloth.