Garden Plants and Their Problems
Calla Lily
Mealybugs White cottony insects. Parathion in greenhouses.
Thrips Spread virus of spotted Parathion, DDT, or chlor-
  wilt. dane.
Aphids Sometimes numerous on Nicotine or other contact
  leaves. spray.
Spotted wilt White and brown spots Remove affected plants.
  and streaks on leaves, flow-  
Soft rot Corm soft, flowers brown, Soak before planting 1
  stems fall over. hour in New Improved Ce-
    resan, 1 oz. to 3 gal. water
    plus 1 teaspoon Dreft.
Root rot Roots rot from tip lo rhi- Soak before planting 1
  zome, leaves turn yellow, hour in New Improved Ce-
  flowers lacking. resan, 1 oz. to 3 gal. water
    plus 1 teaspoon Dreft.
Tea scale and White filaments on under- Parathion, or oil spray after
many other side of leaves, upper sur- flowering-see scale insects.
species face yellow, brown, oyster-  
  shaped scales, round, dark  
  red, etc.  
Peony scale White circles on twigs. Parathion, or oil spray after
    flowering-see scale insects.
Fuller rose Notches eaten in from mar- Parathion or lindane.
beetle gin.  
Rhabdopterus Small shiny beetles feed on Lead or calcium arsenate
beetles leaf buds, causing irregular (DDT injures some camel-
  holes in foliage. lias).
Camellia flower Flowers turn brown, large Remove flowers as they
blight compound sclerotia formed fade. Treat soil in January
  in center. with Fermate (see under
Dieback Tips die back, leaves turn Cut out diseased portions;
  brown, cankers form on spray with copper.
  old wood.