Garden Plants and Their Problems
Camellia (cont.)  
Leaf gall Leaves greatly swollen. Pick off and burn.
Leaf spot Silvery or brown areas usu- Camellias under light
  ally from sunburn with shade of tall pines do best.
  fungi coming in later.  
Camphor thrips Buds, branches die; bark Shellac pruning cuts.
Camphor scale Convex, dark scale causes Spray with oil emulsion;
  defoliation and often death. control ants spreading
Mites Leaves turn reddish, dusty. Use oil as above or special
Japanese beetle Feeds on flowers and foli- Spray with DDT.
Leaf rollers Greenish caterpillars roll Spray or dust early with
  leaves; in South. DDT or lead arsenate.
Bacterial bud Yellow to brown ragged Discard diseased plants;
rot leaf spots; stalks gummy; propagate from healthy
  flowers decayed. stock.
Melon aphid Small green, brown to Spray or dust with nico-
  black lice curl leaves, which tine.
  turn yellow.  
Melonworm Greenish-yellow caterpillar Dust with rotenone.
  feeds on leaves.  
Pickleworm See Cucumber.  
Cucumber See Cucumber.  
Bacterial wilt See Cucumber.  
Anthracnose Brown spots on leaves, Spray or dust with ziram
  sunken cankers on stems, or copper.
Downy mildew Leaves with yellow spots, Spray with Dithane or Par-
  then drying, curling. zate.