Garden Plants and Their Problems
Celery (cont.)  
Celeryworm See Carrot.  
Carrot weevil See Carrot.  
Tarnished plant Dark areas on leaves, Dust with DDT or saba-
bug shoots. dilla.
Early and late Leaf spots ash-gray (early Spray with Dithane, Par-
blights blight) or brown with zate, or copper; clean up
  black pycnidia. refuse in fall.
Yellows (wilt) Plants stunted, yellowed. Use resistant varieties.
    Green celery is less sus-
San Jose scale Round, gray, nippled scales Dormant lime-sulfur spray,
and other on bark. 1-10 dilution.
Black knot Black, irregular knotty Dormant lime-sulfur spray,
  swellings on twigs. 1-10 dilution.
Cherry aphid Black lice curling leaves of Dinitro dormant spray or
  sweet cherry. nicotine-soap at green-tip
Fruit flies Small black and yellow Rotenone spray or dust.
  flies cause maggoty fruit.  
Cherry and White grubs in fruit. Spray with lead arsenate at
plum cur-   husk-split stage and repeat
culios   10 days later.
Pear-slug Leaves skeletonized. Spray with lead arsenate at
    husk-split stage and repeat
    10 days later.
Borers Tunnels in wood, sawdust Spray trunks and branches
  protruding from openings. with DDT.
Brown rot Add wettable sulfur (1/2 Fruit rotting with grayish
  lb. to 5 gal. water plus 2 spore cushions.
  oz. copper), to curculio  
Leaf spot Small brown spots in leaves Spray as for brown rot;
  dropping out with shot- after harvest, spray with
  hole effect. copper or Fermate; repeat
    2 to 3 weeks later.