Garden Plants and Their Problems
Verticillium Leaves wilting, dying, No practical control.
wilt sometimes on one side;  
  vessels black.  
Dodder Orange vines with white Cut off and burn all parts
  flowers get a stranglehold. with any trace of tendrils
    before dodder sets seed.
Citrus fruils have a great number of enemies, including numerous species of scales, whiteflies, mites, mealybugs,
  thrips, aphids, and various
rots. A spray schedule for Florida differs from one for California. Consult your own county agent.
Root-knot nem- Stunting, sometimes wilt- Remove infested vines;
atode ing and death. treat soil before replanting;
    see Nematodes.
Clematis borer Bores in roots. Treat soil with chlordane
    or DDT.
Blister beetle Black beetles chew flowers, Spray or dust with DDT.
Mealybugs White cottony insects Use phosphate aerosols in
  crowded at leaf axils. greenhouses. Dip house
    plants in nicotine-soap so-
Whiteflies Myriads of small white flies Spray with DDT, or a
  underneath leaves. phosphate.
Leaf miner White, winding tunnels al- Spray with DDT or lin-
  most always in leaves. dane.
Columbine Salmon caterpillar bores in Scratch soil around plant
borer crowns. to kill eggs; work in DDT
    or chlordane dust.
Aphids Many species infest leaves. Any contact insecticide.
Four-lined Small tan circles in new Dust with DDT or rote-
plant bug leaves. none.