Garden Plants and Their Problems
Cedar-apple Bechtel's and other native Spray with sulfur-fermate;
rust crabapples weakened, remove galls from juniper
  branches dying. host; use Asiatic varieties.
Fire blight Branches dying back. Cut out well below dying
See Apple for other pests
Crapemyrtle Shoots infested early spring, Spray with nicotine-soap or
aphid sooty mold grows in honey- other contact spray.
Powdery White growth on young Lime-sulfur 1 to 80 when
mildew leaves, which are thick; buds break; sulfur spray or
  buds do not grow. dust later.
Mealybugs Stems and leaves some- Keep washed off; spray
  times covered with white with Volck or try DX Aero
  oval bugs. Spray.
Mites Leaves rusty brown, rough. Spray with Aramite or
Striped cucum- Yellow beetles with black Start plants under Hot-
ber beetle stripes feed on foliage, kaps, later dust with rote-
  transmit bacterial wilt. none.
Spotted cucum- Greenish, with 12 black Start plants under Hot-
ber beetle spots, feeds on young kaps, later dust with rote-
  plants. none.
Pickleworm Small white to green cater- Dust with rotenone.
  pillars feed in fruit; in  
Bacterial wilt Plants wilt and die. Control beetles; can add
    Zerlate to rotenone dust.
Anthracnose See Cantaloupe.  
Downy mildew See Cantaloupe.  
Mosaic Leaves mottled, plants Control aphids transmit-
  stunted; fruit poor. ting virus; destroy peren-
    nial weeds.