Garden Plants and Their Problems
Imported cur- Sawfly larvae, green with Spray or dust with rote-
rant worm black spots, eat leaves. none.
Currant aphid Leaves puckered by yellow- Spray with nicotine-soap.
  green lice.  
Currant borer White larva tunnels in Remove infested canes.
Currant stem Tip of stem dies back to Cut off shoots.
girdler point of egg-laying.  
Cane blight Leaves and fruit wilt, die. Remove infected canes.
Leaf spot Brown to purple spots on Copper spray after blos-
  leaves; defoliation. soming, after harvest, 3
    weeks later.
Cyclamen mite Plants deformed, stunted, Spray with Malathon, Di-
  buds black. mite, or Aramite.
Broad mite Leaves glassy. Spray with Malathon, Di-
    mite, or Aramite.
Black vine wee- Grubs work on roots; Treat soil with lindane or
vil plants sometimes killed. chlordane.
Bark scale Leaves turn yellow and die. Oil spray in August and
    late September.
Coryneum Trees sickly, lose leaves, Remove and destroy dis-
canker die. Monterey cypress worst eased trees.
Borers-Euro- Stems wilt from caterpillars Spray with DDT, destroy
pean corn tunneling inside. all old stalks in fall, and
and stalk   weeds.
Beetles-spotted Light-colored flowers eaten. Spray or dust with DDT.
and Japanese
Leafhoppers Leaves curled inward, Spray or dust with
  brown margins; plants DDT.
Tarnished plant Tips turn black; buds Spray or dust with DDT.
bug punctured and deformed.