Garden Plants and Their Problems

Andromeda (Pieris)
Japanese lace Leaves stippled white or Spray with lindane, or
bug gray, brown excrement on chlordane or DDT.
Red spiders Leaves yellow, mealy un- Spray with Aramite.
Anemone (Japanese)
Blister beetles Flowers, foliage devoured Spray or dust with DDT.
  by long, black beetles.  
Aphids, green Green lice on succulent Dormant dinitro spray,
  shoots. nicotine sulfate or TEPP
    in summer.
Aphids, rosy Leaves curled, fruit de- Dormant dinitro spray.
  formed by pink lice.  
Aphids, woolly White, fluffy masses Nicotine, lindane or
  around buds, scars and on parathion.
Mites Leaves bronzed, dusty. Dormant dinitro, summer
    Aramite, Dimite or TEPP.
Scales-Oyster- Oyster-shaped or round Delayed dormant oil
shell, San shells on bark spray.
Jose, etc.
Scab Black spots on leaves and Wettable sulfur spray 1
  fruit, somewhat raised week after delayed dor-
  scabs on fruit. mant; repeat weekly to
    petal fall; can change to
    Fermate for cover sprays.
Codling Moth White worms in fruit, Lead arsenate at petal
  brown frass. fall and 7 and 17 days
    later; can change to DDT
    for later cover sprays.