Garden Plants and Their Problems
Dahlia (cont.)  
Virus - mosaic Foliage mottled or with Discard diseased plants;
and spotted ring spots; plants stunted. spray with DDT to con-
wilt   trol thrips and leafhopper
Powdery White coating on foliage Sulfur dust or copper
mildew in late summer. spray.
Flower thrips Blossoms streaked, foliage Spray or dust with DDT,
  silvery. or lindane.
Cyclamen mite Leaves greatly deformed, Spray with Dimite, start-
  buds black, plant stunted. ing in early spring.
Broad mite Leaves glassy. Sulfur or Dimite.
Aphids Red lice inside leaves Spray with nicotine-soap.
  cupped downward.  
Crown rot Plants rot at crown, red- Remove plant and sur-
  dish ""mustard-seed"" sclero- rounding soil; treat area
  tia and white mycelium. with bichloride of mercury.
Black spot Tarry black spots on leaves. Remove infected leaves.
Deodar weevil Snout beetle kills leaders. Spray with DDT.
Dogwood bor- White grub causes death of Spray or paint trunks with
der limbs. DDT.
Dogwood twig Yellow grub in twigs, Cut out infested twigs.
borer which die.  
Leafhoppers Leaves stippled white. Spray with DDT in June.
Cottony maple White cottony fluffs with Dormant oil spray or nico-
scale brown shield on leaves and tine-soap in summer.
Crown canker Trunk girdled at base; Avoid wounds.
  trees may die.  
Botrytis blight Gray mold on old flowers, Control measures unneces-
  twigs, in wet weather. sary.