Garden Plants and Their Problems
Dogwood (cont.)
Spot anthrac- Small tan or gray spots Spray with manzate or cap-
nose with red or purple borders tan.
  on leaves, bracts.  
Elm leaf beetle Leaves skeletonized; drop. Spray with lead arsenate or
and Japanese   DDT.
Cankerworms Leaves eaten in May. Spray with lead arsenate or
Bark beetles Vectors of Dutch elm dis- Heavy dormant spray of
  ease. DDT, plus foliage spray.
White-marked Vector of phloem necrosis. DDT sprays end of June,
elm leafhop-   first of August.
Mites Foliage looks very dusty. Add miticide-Aramite or
    Ovotran-to DDT sprays.
Aphids- Leaves with galls or curled; Spray with lindane.
cockscomb, lice with white filaments.  
woolly, others
Scales-Euro- Brown scales with white Dormant oil spray plus
pean elm, fringe, or gray shells; DDT in June for European
elm scurfy leaves turn yellow, drop. elm scale.
Dutch elm dis- Trees die, starting some- Remove infected trees be-
ease times with yellow flag, fore May first; control bark
  spores carried by bark beetles.
Phloem necrosis Trees die; phloem butter- Control leafhopper vector
  scotch color, wintergreen with DDT.
Flea beetles Small ""shot-holes"" in seed- Dust with rotenone.
  ling leaves.  
Phomopsis Leaves turn yellow; stems Use copper-rotenone dust,
blight; fruit cankered, fruit has pale, or spray with fixed copper.
rot sunken lesions; rots; more  
  serious in South.