Garden Plants and Their Problems
Whiteflies Pale-green ovals on under- Spray with DDT, or para-
  side of leaves, white thion.
  ""moths,"" much sooty  
  mold; very common.  
Soft scale Plants weakened, stunted; Summer oil spray, Volck.
  sooty mold.  
Mealybugs White cottony ovals; oc- Summer oil spray, Volck.
Fuller rose Notches eaten from leaf Spray with DDT.
beetle margins.  
Whiteflies Leaves turn yellow, drop. DDT spray or dust.
Cyclamen, Young leaves curled, ap- See cyclamen.
broad mites pear scorched.  
Mealybugs See Fuchsia.  
Botrytis blight Gray mold when plants too Avoid overhead watering;
  moist. remove diseased parts.
Oedema Swelling in leaves from Water with caution.
Gladiolus thrips Leaves silvered, flowers Spray or dust with DDT;
  streaked, deformed. dust corms with DDT in
Yellows Wilt, important in Middle Choose resistant varieties.
Botrytis and More important in South Spray with Dithane or Par-
Curvularia and in Northwest. zate.
flower blights
Corm rots, scab Lesions on corms, spots on Dust corms with Arasan;
  leaves. discard rotted corms.
Goldenglow Red lice on stems. Spray with nicotine-soap or
aphid   any contact insecticide.
See Currant Alternate host for white  
  pine blister rust.