Garden Plants and Their Problems
See also Cucumber
Whiteflies Common in summer; leaves Spray or dust with DDT.
Grape berry Fruit shrivels, drops. Spray with lead arsenate
moth   when shoots 8 inches long,
    after blossoming and 10
    days later.
Grape leaf Leaves folded and chewed. Spray with lead arsenate
folder   when shoots 8 inches long,
    after blossoming and 10
    days later.
Rose chafers Buds and foliage eaten, in Dust with DDT.
Japanese Foliage chewed to lace in Special rotenone-rosin
beetles summer. spray.
Black rot Berries turn black, shrivel. Spray with Fermate when
    new shoots are 1/2 inch
    long, 8 to 12 inches, and
    10 days after bloom.
Ants Hills in lawn. Treat with chlordane.
Beetle grubs- Brown patches in lawn, can Treat soil with chlordane
Japanese, Asi- roll grass back like a car- or DDT or a mixture.
atic, white pet.  
Chinch bugs Brown areas, grass cannot Treat soil with chlordane
  be rolled; minute black and or DDT or a mixture.
  white bugs.  
Sod webworms Larvae like cutworms, in Chlordane dust.
  nests in soil.  
Moles Ridges in lawns. Use chlordane to control
    grubs moles eat; roll often.
Brown patch More or less circular brown Treat with mercury com-
  areas-see under Rots. pounds such as Calo-Clor.
Dollar spot Small brown circular spots. Treat with cadmium fungi-
    cides, such as Cadminate.