Garden Plants and Their Problems
Grass (cont.)  
Snowmold White areas in lawn after Control not often needed.
  snow melts.  
Witches' broom Gall mites and powdery Cut off brooms.
  mildew combine to cause  
  broom effect.  
Hawthorn lace Leaves whitened, in stip- Spray with lindane or nico-
bug pled effect, brown on un- tine-soap.
Aphids Green or black lice curl tips, Spray with lindane or nico-
  woolly aphids on buds, bark. tine-soap.
Tent caterpil- Egg masses on twigs, nests. Cut off twigs with egg col-
lars   lars, wipe out nests.
Japanese beetles Leaves skeletonized in sum- Spray with DDT or lead
  mer. arsenate.
Fire blight Branches dying, turning Cut out well below diseased
  black. portion.
Leaf blight Reddish spots on leaves; Three copper sprays, start-
  premature defoliation. ing as leaves unfold.
Rusts Three cedar rusts infect; Spray with sulfur-Fermate;
  quince rust causes papery remove red-cedars or cut
  projections on hips. off galls.
Snout beetles Very small black weevils Spray or dust with DDT.
  feed on buds, new leaves.  
Spruce mite Foliage nearly white, with Spray with Aramite or
  mealy cobwebs on under- Ovotran.
Black vine and Legless, white grubs feed Treat soil with chlordane
strawberry on roots, trees may die. or lindane.
root weevils
Whiteflies White ""moths"" very com- Spray or dust with DDT.