Garden Plants and Their Problems
Slugs See Hollyhock.  
Crown rot See Ajuga.  
Aphids Lice cluster on leaves, Any contact insecticide.
Leaf tier Terminal leaves tied over Spray early with lead ar-
  bud. senate; tear open leaves,
    kill worm.
Iris borer Leaves ragged, water- Clean up old leaves in fall;
  soaked, large creamy dust with DDT in spring.
  caterpillar in rhizome.  
Thrips On flower Japanese iris. Dust with DDT.
Soft rot Slimy, vile-smelling rot Keep plants well spaced, in
  after borer injury. full sun. See under Rots.
Leaf spot Small oval brown spots on Spray with Fermate or cop-
  leaves. per; removal of diseased
    leaves often sufficient.
Japanese Quince
Scales-San Round grayish shells on Dormant oil spray.
Jose, etc. twigs.  
Aphids Green lice on new shoots. Any contact insecticide.
Japanese beetles Skeletonize leaves in sum- DDT or lead arsenate.
Fire blight Branches dying back. Cut out.
Juniper scale Small, round, white on Dormant lime sulfur spray;
  needles, shrubs turn yellow miscible oil second choice.
  or brown.  
Spruce mite Shrubs yellow, with cob- Spray with Aramite or
  webs. Ovotran.
Juniper web- Needles webbed together. Spray in June with lead ar-
worm   senate or DDT.
Bagworm See Arborvitae.