Garden Plants and Their Problems
Juniper (cont.)"
Cedar-apple Brown galls; put out or- Cut off galls in winter or
rusts ange horns in spring, early spring; spray with
  spores go to apple host. sulfur and Fermate.
Whiteflies Very common on this host. Spray or dust with DDT.
Mealybugs White, cottony insects. Try Malathon.
Bagworms Often defoliate. Spray in late May or June
    with lead arsenate.
Larch sawfly Epidemic in some northern Spray with DDT.
Woolly larch White, conspicuous on Spray with lindane.
aphid needles in late spring.  
Larkspur (An-
Goldenglow Red lice thick between Spray with nicotine-soap.
aphid flowerets.  
Crown rot. See Delphinium.  
Laurel see Mountain-laurel
Slugs Holes eaten at night. Use metaldehyde bait.
Aphids Green, clustered on leaves, Dust with rotenone or
  which curl. spray with pyrethrum.
Drop Wilting and decay in moist Improve drainage.
Tipburn In hot weather leaf mar- Use varieties such as Great
  gins turn brown. Lakes bred for summer
Scales-oyster- Oyster-shaped or round Dormant oil spray, then
shell, San Jose grayish shells thick on bark, nicotine or Malathon for
  white crawlers in summer. crawlers.
Lilac borer Sawdust coming out of Paint or spray trunk, limbs
  holes in bark, limbs dying. with DDT.
Bagworm See Arborvitae.