Garden Plants and Their Problems
Lilac (cont.)  
Giant hornet Bark torn off around Paint or spray trunk, limbs
  branches. with DDT.
Powdery mil- White coating in late sum- Dust with sulfur or use
dew mer. weak copper spray; control
    not vitally necessary.
Botrytis blight Oval spots on leaves which Use bordeaux or other cop-
  die up the stem in wet per spray every 10 days.
Mosaic Virus mottles foliage, Rogue infected plants; start
  stunts. Spread by aphids. from seed which does not
    carry virus.
Aphids, melon Yellowish lice on under- Nicotine-soap or other con-
and lily side of leaves and on buds tact spray.
Japanese beetles Leaves lacy; this is a pre- Spray with DDT or lead
  ferred host. arsenate.
Linden leaf Yellow and green adults Spray with DDT or lead
beetle and larvae feed on foliage. arsenate.
Locust (Black)
Locust borer Large black and yellow Spray with DDT.
  beetle comes from tunnels  
  made by grubs. Trees may  
Locust leaf Leaves with large brown Spray with chlordane or
miner blotches made by larvae of lindane.
  a small red and black  
London Plane See Sycamore  
Aphids Greenish lice with white Nicotine-soap or other con-
  wax often cover stems and tact insecticide.