Garden Plants and Their Problems
Onion maggot Small white worms in See cabbage maggot.
Thrips White blotches in leaves; Dust with DDT or spray
  tips wither. with nicotine.
Onion smut Black blisters in leaves. Grow from sets, not seed.
Euonymus Thin white and brown oys- Oil spray in early spring as
scale, also ter-shaped scales on leaves, for euonymus even though
oystershell stems. old leaves are present.
Volutella blight Brown blotches in leaves; Spray with bordeaux mix-
  salmon spore pustules on ture.
Scales-many Flat or convex, round or Keep foliage washed off.
species long, brown, white, or pur- Spray with Volck.
  ple, encrust leaves and  
  stems; weaken plants.  
Palm leaf miner Caterpillars feed under a Spray with lead arsenate
or skeleton- web on leaf which turns or DDT; cut out infested
izer brown, dries. fronds.
Slugs Holes eaten in leaves, slimy Dust ground with chlor-
  trail. dane or DDT or use bait.
Botrytis blight Gray mold if kept too wet. Remove diseased plants.
Violet scab See Violet.  
Parsnip-same troubles as carrot
Pea aphid Pale-green lice on leaves, Spray or dust with nicotine
  buds, pods. or rotenone.
Root rots Plants turn yellow and die; Treat seed with Spergon or
  roots decay. Arasan.
Fusarium wilt Plants wilt, die. Use resistant varieties, as
    Alaska, Dwarf Alderman,