Garden Plants and Their Problems
Poplar (cont.)
Poplar and wil- Small snout beetle makes Spray trunks with DDT.
low borer knotty galls on branches.  
Cottonwood leaf Gold and black beetle de- Spray with DDT.
beetle foliates.  
Poplar sawfly Black, yellow-spotted lar- Spray with DDT.
and other spe- vae defoliate trees.  
Cytospora can- Cankers on trunk, limbs, Variety Rio Grande is re-
ker western cottonwoods very sistant; feed and water.
Dothichiza can- Lombardy poplars some- Remove seriously diseased
ker times killed. trees.
Aphids - bean, Black or green aphids clus- Any contact insecticide.
peach, melon ter on leaves, buds.  
Bacterial blight Black spots on leaves, flow- Destroy plants; do not re-
  ers, pods, gummy exudate. plant in same location.
Colorado potato Yellow and black striped Dust with DDT.
beetle beetles devour foliage.  
Blister beetles Black or gray beetles. Dust with DDT.
Flea beetles Numerous small holes in Dust with DDT.
Leafhoppers Tips and margins of leaves Spray or dust with DDT.
  brown and curl; yield  
  much reduced. Combine Dithane, Parzate,
Early blight Irregular dark-brown spots or fixed copper with DDT
  on leaves. for blights. Varieties Se-
Late blight Vines killed rapidly in wet bago, Kennebec, Essex are
  weather. resistant to late blight.
Virus diseases, Leaves mottled or rolled; Use certified seed. Katah-
Mosaic, leaf plants dwarfed. din, Chippewa, Sebago are
roll, others   resistant to some viruses.
Fusarium and Yellowing, dropping plants, No control; use certified
Verticillium brown ring in stems and seed and new land.
wilts tubers.