Garden Plants and Their Problems
Ash (cont.)
Woolly aphids Leaves curled. Spray with lindane.
Anthracnose Leaves scorched or brown Copper spray if feasible.
  areas in wet springs.  
Rust Twigs swollen, leaves dis- Seldom practical; marsh
  torted; defoliation. grass is alternate host.
Beetles-com- Shoots gnawed, foliage Spray or dust with rote-
mon, 12- eaten by humpback larvae none, changing to calcium
spotted and adults. arsenate after cutting sea-
Japanese beetles Chew foliage in summer. Spray or dust with rote-
    none, changing to calcium
    arsenate after cutting sea-
Rust Orange powdery pustules Use resistant Washington
  on stems and leaves. varieties.
Scales White fern, round brown Scrub off with nicotine-
  Florida red scales. soap solution, or spray with
Leaf spots Roundish dead areas on Remove disfigured leaves.
Aster (China)
Wilt Wilting and death from a Buy resistant varieties.
  soil fungus.  
Yellows Stunted, chlorotic plants, Control leafhopper vector
  greenish flowers, due to with DDT.
  a virus.  
Rust Orange spots on underside Dust with sulfur and Fer-
  of leaves. mate.
Blister beetles Black beetles eating flowers Dust with DDT.
  and foliage in late summer.  
Tarnished plant New growth blackened. DDT or chlordane.
Lace bugs Leaves lose color in stip- Spray with lindane, or nico-
  pled white pattern. tine-soap.