Garden Plants and Their Problems
Slugs Commonly eat foliage in Dust soil with chlordane or
  gardens. use bait.
Red spiders Leaves always turn yellow, Spray with Aramite.
  mealy underneath, by mid-  
Black vine Roots eaten by white grubs. Treat soil with chlordane
weevil   or lindane.
Botrytis blight Gray mold on greenhouse Avoid overhead watering;
  plants kept too moist. remove diseased parts.
Privet (Ligus-
trum, South)
Whiteflies Very common in South; Spray with DDT.
  sooty mold.  
Privet thrips Common in North; foliage Spray with lindane (DDT
  grayish. defoliates Amur river
Privet mite Leaves yellow, southern Spray with Aramite or
  shrubs sometimes killed. dust with sulfur.
Scales-oyster- Shells near base of Dormant oil or lime-sulfur
shell, white branches. spray.
Anthracnose, Twigs or main stems die Cut out diseased branches;
die-back back; cankers at base. California privet somewhat
Hawthorn lace Leaves stippled gray or Spray with lindane or nico-
bug white. tine.
Pyracantha Leaves, branches, webbed Spray with DDT or lead
webworm together. arsenate.
Fire blight Branches die back. Cut out below dead por-
Pyracantha scab Black scabs on leaves, ber- tion. Try Puratized Agricultural
  ries. Spray or Fermate.