Garden Plants and Their Problems
Pumpkin see Squash for enemies.
Follow apple spray schedule for scales, aphids, caterpillars, codling moth,
curculio, etc.
Japanese beetle Foliage skeletonized. Use special rotenone-rosin
Fire blight Branches die; leaves red- Cut out.
  dish brown.  
Leaf blight See Hawthorn.  
Quince rust Fruits, twigs distorted. Remove red-cedars, alter-
    nate host.
Cabbage mag- Seedlings wilt. Dust soil along row with
got   5% chlordane.
Flea beetles Numerous small holes in Dust with rotenone or
  leaves. methoxychlor.
Rose and other Round white scales on Cut out infested canes; dor-
scales canes. mant lime-sulfur spray.
Borers-cane Wilting of tips or whole DDT on canes and crown.
and crown canes. Very fond of fruit Use special rotenone-rosin
Japanese and foliage. spray.
Raspberry fruit- Wormy fruit. Use special rotenone-rosin
worm   spray.
Anthracnose Small gray spots on canes, Spray with Fermate or bor-
  leaves. deaux mixture before blos-
    soms open and after
Spur blight Canes gray, dark spots on Dormant lime-sulfur or El-
  petioles. getol spray; spray with Fer-
    mate as for anthracnose.
Mosaic Leaves mottled, curled. Rogue diseased plants.
Crown gall See Blackberry.  
Orange rust See Blackberry.  
Redbud (Cercis)
(Judas tree)
Canker, die- Branches wilt. Cut out diseased portion;
back   sterilize pruning tools.