Garden Plants and Their Problems
Rhododendron Leaves stippled yellow with Spray with lindane or nico-
lace bug brown varnish on under- tine-soap when nymphs
  side. hatch.
Rhododendron Holes protruding sawdust Paint or spray trunk and
borer on trunks; branches die limbs with DDT.
Black vine Leaves notched in from Treat soil with lindane or
weevil margin. chlordane.
Sunburn Brown dead areas in leaves. Plant in partial shade or
    put up windbreaks.
Wilt Soil fungus may rot roots Do not let grass clippings
  or base of stem. or soft leaves get piled
    around trunk.
Rhubarb cur- Large dark snout beetle Destroy dock plants in
culio punctures stalks. which weevil breeds.
Foot, crown rot Brown sunken spots at base Destroy infected plants.
  of stalks; leaves wilt, fall over.  
Rose scale Round white scales at base Dormant lime-sulfur spray.
  of canes.  
Aphids, potato, Pink and green lice on Rotenone-pyrethrum as in
rose buds, new shoots. Tri-ogen, or nicotine-soap
    or lindane.
Leafhoppers Leaves stippled white. DDT if cannot control
    with aphid spray.
Rose-slug Small, sluglike larvae skel- Spray or dust early with
  etonize leaves. lead arsenate or DDT.
Rose chafers Tan, long-legged beetles Spray with DDT.
  feed on flowers in June.  
Japanese beetles Flowers, foliage demol- Spray weekly with lead ar-
  ished. senate or methoxychlor; cut
    best buds to open in house.
Thrips Buds fail to open or ball. Spray with lindane.
Midge Small buds and shoots turn Spray soil and plants thor-
  black. oughly with DDT.