Garden Plants and Their Problems
Rose (cont.)
Brown canker White spots with reddish Prune out in spring; sum-
  borders on canes. mer sprays as for black
Stem canker Sooty areas near wounds. Always cut canes close
    above a bud or leaf; do not
    leave stubs.
Black spot Black spots with fringed Spray weekly with Fermate
  margins; in some varieties or sulfur or weak copper.
  leaves turn yellow and  
Powdery White coating on leaves, Eliminate old-fashioned
mildew canes, buds, which may not ramblers; spray weekly
  open. with weak copper, as in
    Tri-ogen, or sulfur; Fer-
    mate does not control.
Rust Reddish, later black, pus- Dust or spray with Fer-
  tules on leaves, prevalent mate and sulfur.
  in Southwest and northern  
  New York and New Eng-  
  land, not in Middle Atlan-  
  tic and Central States.  
Pith borers Small wasps or sawflies Do not prune back in fall.
  tunnel and lay eggs in pith. Paint larger canes after
    spring pruning.
Aphids Dark aphids numerous at Any contact insecticide.
  tips of branches.  
Japanese beetles Feed on flowers and foli- Spray with DDT or lead
  age. arsenate.
Aphids Red lice on stem. Any contact insecticide.
Japanese beetles This is a favorite host. Spray with DDT or lead