Garden Plants and Their Problems
Flea beetles Small shotholes in leaves. Dust with DDT early, or
    1 to 3 mixture of cryolite
    and sulfur.
Strawberry root Dark snout beetle eats Treat soil with chlordane.
weevil roots.  
Red stele New leaves small, plants Destroy diseased plants. Use
  wilt; roots have red stele. resistant varieties--Aber-
    deen, Sparkle, Pathfinder.
Leaf spots Purple-bordered gray spots Spray with copper if neces-
  on leaves. sary. Cut off and burn old
    leaves after harvest.
Yellows, crinkle Viruses cause dwarfing, Buy certified plants.
  crinkling, yellowing.  
Sweet Pea
Aphids Several species abundant, Contact insecticides.
  spread mosaic.  
Red spider Very common, leaves yel- Try Malathon or Aramite.
Anthracnote, Plants wilt. Treat seed with Arasan be-
root rots   fore planting.
Bacterial streak Reddish-brown streaks on Buy clean seed.
  stems, flowers.  
Spotted wilt Virus spots flowers, foliage. Control thrips vectors.
Powdery White coating on foliage, Dust with sulfur.
mildew buds.  
Sweetpotato Ant-like snout beetle tun- Plant clean roots; destroy
weevil nels in tubers and vines in infested vines and tubers at
  South. harvest.
Sweetpotato flea Minute black beetle eats Dip plants in lead arsenate
beetle grooves along veins. before transplanting or
    dust with cryolite.
Tortoise beetles Gold beetles eat holes. Dip plants in lead arsenate
    before transplanting or
    dust with cryolite.
Stem rot Plants turn yellow and Use healthy seed potatoes.