Garden Plants and Their Problems
Sweet William
Fusarium wilt Plants wilted, yellow, often No control except new
  die. Fungus lives in soil. healthy plants in new loca-
Sycamore Lace Leaves whitened in mid- Spray with lindane or nico-
bug summer. tine.
Tussock moths Tufted, hairy caterpillars Spray with DDT or lead
  feed on leaves in summer. arsenate.
Anthracnose Leaves turn brown, die, Three or more sprays with
  drop, in wet springs. Puratized Agricultural
    Spray or bordeaux.
London plane Cankers girdle and kill Avoid pruning; make es-
blight (canker trees; spores spread in sential cuts in winter; use
stain) pruning. special disinfectant (see un-
    der Blights).
Cutworms Seedlings cut off at night. Put on a paper collar when
Flea beetles Seedling foliage riddled Dust with rotenone; keep
  with small holes. well watered.
Fruitworm Corn earworm feeds on Dust with cryolite.
Aphids Pink and green lice on Rotenone or nicotine.
  blossoms, leaves, stems.  
Hornworms Very large green caterpil- Hand-pick.
  lars with a horn at rear.  
Root knot Gall-like swellings on roots. Do not transplant seedlings
    showing these; treat fallow
    soil with Soil-fume Caps.
Early blight Brown target spots on Spray with Manzate.
  leaves, stems cankers, dark  
  spots on stem end of fruit.  
Late blight Vines die, fruit water- Spray or dust with Dithane
  soaked in late summer, or fixed copper.
  moist weather.