Garden Plants and Their Problems
Tomato (cont.)
Fusarium wilt Plants turn yellow from Resistant varieties: Pan
  bottom up; wilt. American, Southland, etc.
Mosaic Leaves mottled, plants Do not smoke when work-
  stunted, spread by aphids ing.
  and handling.  
Blossom-end rot Dark at blossom end of Maintain even water sup-
  fruit. ply.
Tulip bulb White root aphid on stored Treat with 2% nicotine
aphid bulbs. dust.
Botrytis blight Gray mold disease on Spray with Fermate or Zer-
(tulip fire) leaves, flowers; fungus lives late. Cut fading flowers into
  in sclerotia on decaying paper bag.
  leaves, petals in soil.  
Tuliptree aphid Green lice secreting much Spray with nicotine-soap or
  honey dew; black sooty lindane.
  mold covers leaves.  
Tuliptree scale Large, brown convex, on Dormant oil spray, and
  branches, twigs; sooty DDT in summer.
Aphids Green, powdery lice, leaves Spray or dust with nico-
  curl, turn yellow. tine.
Flea beetles See Cabbage.  
Cabbage See Cabbage.  
Caterpillars See Cabbage.  
Verbena leaf Blotch mines in leaves. Try DDT or lindane.
Verbena bud- Small caterpillar bores into Try DDT or lindane.
moth flowers.  
Powdery White coating in late sum- Weak copper spray or sul-
mildew mer. fur dust.