Garden Plants and Their Problems
Aster (China)
Root aphids Plants yellowed, wilting, Treat soil with chlordane,
  white lice at roots. or pour nicotine-soap in
    depression around stem.
Aster (Perennial)
Aphids Green lice at tips, on buds Spray with nicotine, lin-
  and stems. dane, or Tri-ogen.
Powdery mil- White coating over foliage, Spray with Tri-ogen.
dew flowers deformed.  
Astilbe (""PinkSpirea"")
Japanese beetles Flowers and foliage de- Spray or dust with DDT.
Mites-avocado Leaves and fruit brown. Spray with Aramite, or
red, 6-spotted   sulfur.
Thrips Leaves and fruit shiny DDT.
Whiteflies White ""moths,"" sooty DDT.
Scale insects A great many species ap- Oil sprays.
  pear on twigs and fruit.  
Anthracnose, Lesions on leaves and Copper sprays.
blotch, leaf fruits.  
spots &nbso; &nbso;
Fruit rots Rot starts on tree, continues Two sprays of bordeaux
  after picking. mixture, Crag 658, or Par-
Lace bugs Leaves stippled gray, Spray with lindane, or nic-
  brown varnish on under- otine-soap or Volck and
  side. nicotine; repeat for differ-
    ent broods.
Mealybug, bark On stems, with sooty mold Volck and nicotine or par-
scale in honeydew; in South. athion or Malathon.
Peony scale White circles on twigs, Volck-nicotine spray end
  shrubs sickly; in South. of May.