Garden Plants and Their Problems
Wilt Seedlings die, older plants Use resistant varieties.
  wilt; fungus lives in soil  
  and is carried in seed.  
Scales-several Common on pussy willow. Dormant oil spray.
Aphids- Black lice prevalent on Nicotine-soap or lindane.
various weeping willow.  
Poplar and wil- Tunnels in wood. Spray trunks with DDT.
low borer
Imported wil- Shiny blue-black beetle DDT or lead arsenate.
low leaf skeletonizes foliage, espe-  
beetle cially on weeping willow.  
Japanese beetle Very fond of pussy willow. DDT or lead arsenate.
Blight (scab Dead twigs and branches. Cut out dead portions in
plus black   winter; 3 sprays of bor-
canker)   deaux, starting just before
    buds break.
Yew (Taxus)
Black vine wee- White grubs feed on roots, Treat soil with chlordane
vil snout beetle eats foliage at or lindane, spray foliage
  night in June. with DDT or aldrin or use
    Go-West bait.
Strawberry root White grubs feed on roots, Same as above.
weevil snout beetle eats foliage at  
  night in June.  
Taxus mealy- White oval bugs on trunk Spray with nicotine-soap,
bug and at branch crotches. TEPP, parathion, or Mala-
    thon, or DDT.
Taxus lecanium Brown hemispherical scale. Summer oil spray or Mala-
Japanese beetles Feed on flowers and foli- DDT or lead arsenate.
Powdery White coating in late sum- Sulfur dust or copper
mildew mer. spray.