Garden Plants and Their Problems
Azalea (cont.)  
Leaf miner Leaves eaten and rolled. Spray with lead arsenate
    before leaves are rolled.
Southern red Leaves turn yellow and Spray with Ovotran or Ara-
mite drop. mite.
Thrips Leaves grayish, black ex- Spray with lindane.
Azalea flower Throughout South; flowers Spray with Dithane or Par-
blight collapse to slimy mush. zate 3 times a week in
    blooming season.
Leaf gall Leaves enlarged into thick Pick off and burn.
  gall, first white, then  
Leaf spots Dead areas in leaves. Control seldom practical.
Powdery mil- White coating on decidu- Weak copper sprays.
dew ous azaleas in late summer.  
Aphids Green lice on new shoots. Any contact spray.
Scale Convex, reddish-brown soft Oil spray.
  scale on twigs.  
Webworm Leaves and twigs webbed DDT or lead arsenate.
  togedier with black, white-  
  spotted caterpillars.  
Rust Barberry, common species, Remove susceptible bar-
  is alternate host of wheat berries.
Bean (Snap)
Mexican bean Yellow larvae skeletonize Spray or dust with rotenone
beede leaves; copper beetles, with or DDD, or medioxychlor.
  16 black spots, chew holes.  
Seed-corn Sprout eaten; plant does Avoid organic fertilizer; re-
naggot not grow. plant.
Mites Leaves turn yellow, plants Dust with sulfur.
Aphids Black lice cause leaves to Spray with nicotine or
  curl, turn yellow. rotenone-pyrethrum.
Anthracnose Dark, sunken spots on Use western-grown seed;
  pods, leaves dark along do not cultivate while wet.