Garden Plants and Their Problems
Bean (Snap)
Bacterial blights Brown areas on leaves, Use western-grown seed;
  stem cankers. do not cultivate while wet.
Rust Reddish pustules on leaves. Dust with sulfur; use re-
    sistant varieties.
Mosaic Mottling of leaves. Use mosaic-resistant varie-
Bean (Lima)
Damping-off Seedlings rot before or after Treat seed with Spergon or
  emergence. Arasan.
Downy mildew White mold on pods. Spray with Dithane or
Beech bark dis- Cankers formed, tree wilts, Use a dormant lime-sulfur
ease but only when beech scale spray.
  makes wounds.  
Woolly aphids Bluish cottony masses on Spray with lindane or nico-
  twigs. tine.
Scorch Leaves scald in hot weather. Keep well watered.
Beet, Chard
Spinach leaf Tan blotches in leaves. Remove infested leaves.
Flea beetles Small holes in leaves. Dust with rotenone.
Beet webworm Green to brown caterpillars Dust with pyrethrum.
  eat and web leaves, buds.  
Damping-off Seed decays; seedlings die. Treat seed with Arasan or
Leaf spots Small dead spots with Treatment seldom needed.
  white centers, purple bor- Remove spotted leaves.
Mealybugs White cottony bugs in leaf Try DX Aero-Spray; or
  axils. touch each one with swab
    dipped in alcohol.
Mites See African Violet.  
Thrips Leaves silvery, deformed. Spray with lindane.