Types of Garden Enemies
THERE are literally thousands of diseases and pests that may appear on the plants in your garden. A few are very important, limiting factors in the continued life or produc- tion of your trees and shrubs, flowers, and vegetables; some are important according to your special garden hobbies; most will have to be ignored as too insignificant for attention in the limited gardening time at your di posal.

The various types of enemies you are likely to encounter are given here in alphabetical order. The diagrammatic sketches and the few exam- ples of specific diseases and pests are to help you in diagnosing and grouping your problems so as to select control measures that will reduce and not enhance them. It is more than likely that the particular beetle, caterpillar, or leaf spot worrying you at any particular moment will not be found in this small volume. For that, you will have to consult those encyclopedic tomes of mine, The Gardener's Bug Book and Plant Disease Handboo\. And if you live in the East and want a calendar for control operations try The Plant Doctor.


ANTHRACNOSE DISEASES. Bean, Melon, Sycamore, Oak.
SPOT ANTHRACNOSES. Bramble, Dogwood, Rose.
ANTS. Cornfield, Black Carpenter.
APHIDS. Balsam Twig, Bean, Black Cherry, Cabbage, Crapemyrtle, Currant, Eastern Spruce Gall, Cooley Spruce Gall, Elm Cockscomb, Goldenglow, Green Peach, Ivy, Melon, Norway-maple, Pine Bark, Potato, Root, Rosy Apple, Snowball, Woolly.
ARMYWORMS. Armyworm, Fall Armyworm.
BEES. Leafcutter.
BEETLES. Asiatic Garden, Asparagus, Bark, Blister, Colorado Potato, Elm Leaf, Cucumber, Flea, Fuller Rose, Ground (friends), Japanese, Lady (friends), May or June, Mexican Bean, Rose, Tortoise, White- fringed, Willow Leaf.
BIRDS. Sapsuckers.
BLIGHTS. Azalea Flower, Camellia Flower, Bean, Botrytis (Gray mold, Lily, Peony, Tulip), Celery, Fire, Hawthorn Leaf, London Plane, Southern, Tomato.
BORERS. Ash, Bronze Birch, Carpenterworm, Columbine, Dogwood, Dogwood Twig, European Corn, Flatheaded, Apple Tree, Iris, Lilac, Locust, Peach Tree, Rhododendron, Squash Vine, Stalk.
BUGS. Apple Red, Boxelder, Chinch, Lace (Andromeda, Azalea, Hawthorn, Oak, Rhododendron, Sycamore), Plant (Four-lined, Leaf-footed, Phlox, Tarnished, Yucca), Squash, Stink.
CANKERS and DIEBACK. Brown, Common of Rose, Camellia, Bleeding, Crown, Cytospora of Poplar, Spruce.
CATERPILLARS. Budworms, Cankerworms, Corn Earworm, Eastern Tent, Imported Cabbage, Tomato Hornworm.
CICADAS. 17-year Locust.
CRICKETS. Mole Cricket.
CURCULIOS. Plum, Rose.
CUTWORMS. Black, Variegated.
FLIES. Cherry Fruit, Narcissus Bulb.
GALLS. Azalea Leaf, Camellia Leaf, Crown.
LEAF BLISTER, LEAF CURL. Oak Leaf Blister, Peach Leaf Curl.
LEAFHOPPERS. Beet, Grape, Potato, Rose and Apple.
LEAF MINERS. Azalea, Birch, Boxwood, Columbine, Holly, Locust, Spinach.

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